Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is an adaptive reading program that provides personalized instruction in essential language and literacy skills, while also enhancing the critical cognitive abilities necessary for successful reading and learning. Fast ForWord not only improves reading skills but also helps learners become more proficient academically.

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ClearFluency goes beyond the mere act of reading words; it involves reading with precision, appropriate pacing, and expression. Acting as a one-on-one tutor, ClearFluency aids students in improving their reading fluency and comprehension, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyable reading and learning.

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Cogmed is an online cognitive intervention program designed to target attention and working memory deficits associated with conditions such as ADHD and ADD, as well as challenges stemming from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and the lasting impacts of premature birth.

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Cognitive Training

Cognitive training makes it possible to activate and strengthen fundamental cognitive skills with brain plasticity. Cognitive training stimulates specific neural activation patterns. The repetition of these patterns through cognitive training can help strengthen and create new synapses and neural circuits capable of recovering and reorganizing weakened or damaged cognitive functions.

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Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of cognitive skills, encompassing memory, attention, perception, coordination, and reasoning. Through a combination of questionnaires and online task batteries, measuring over 20 cognitive abilities, yielding a detailed profile of the user's cognitive strengths and areas for improvement.

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Social Development

The Social Development program employs animated-interactive narratives, referred to as webisodes, that echo the storytelling style of Disney or Pixar films to teach social skills. Within each webisode, users are immersed in a "create your own adventure" experience, allowing them to explore multiple solutions to overcome social challenges.

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Personalised Remote Learning

Our Personalised Remote Learning lessons helps learners in a self-paced learning environment to catch up in Maths and English skills or practice to stay ahead of the curriculum under the guidance of a qualified, registered educator.

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