ClearFluency is your dedicated online reading tutor, tailored for students from Prep to Year 12. We specialize in improving reading fluency and comprehension, fostering a lifelong love of reading and learning.

ClearFluency builds confident readers, confident speakers, and lifelong learners.

A Powerful, Personalized Online Reading Tool

Using patented voice recognition technology, ClearFluency listens to students read aloud and provides immediate feedback.

Reading progress you can hear

Listening to students’ confidence grow as they read is exciting and rewarding. Hear how one student progressed after only three months of using ClearFluency.

SOURCE: Carneige Learning


Baseline recording
Date: February 2022
Grade: 3
Reading level: 2.3 grade


Progress recording
Date: May 2022
Grade: 3
Reading level: 5.4 grade

How does ClearFluency work?

Builds confident readers, confident speakers and lifelong learners.

Step 1:

Warm Up

At the beginning of each ClearFluency session, we introduce a word wall that pre-teaches important academic vocabulary and provides pronunciations for all the words.

Step 2:

Review the Selection

Following this, students activate their prior knowledge while previewing the reading material. They are then given the option to either read silently or listen to a model of fluent reading.

Step 3:

Read and Record the Selection

Students then record themselves reading the text aloud, receiving support if they mispronounce or struggle with a word. Following the recording, students can view color-coded feedback and privately listen to their audio.

Step 4:

Take the Comprehension Quiz

After recording the selection, students complete a brief comprehension quiz. This quiz encourages them to reread the text and search for evidence to support their answers.

Who is it for?

ClearFluency is suitable for learners from the age of 5+ years with reading fluency of at least 40 words per minute. If the child is reading at PM Benchmark level 10 and above then they are suitable to start ClearFluency. If you are unsure about you or your child’s suitability for the program please book a professional consult.

Speak to us if you are unsure of your child's suitability:

What is included?

  • ✔ Monthly access to ClearFluency (recommended training time is 3 months)
  • ✔ 20, 30 or 40 minute training session per day / 5 days a week (depending on your chosen package)
  • ✔ Suitable for 5+ year old and above including adults
  • ✔ Daily student progress scores and weekly training summary report
  • ✔ Progress Monitoring by Specialist
  • ✔ Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly coaching call with an Education Learning Specialist (depending on your chosen package)
  • ✔ Unlimited Email support
  • ✔ 15% Discount on renewals
  • ✔ 10% Discount on multiple family member enrolments

What technology is required?

  • ✔ ClearFluency can be used on most Windows and Mac computers through your internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome browser).
  • ✔ It’s compatible with iPad but we don’t recommend using an iPad as it's difficult to get a headset compatible with iPad and ClearFluency in Australia.
  • ✔ Recommended headset is Logitech H390 or Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 headset to use ClearFluency.
  • ✔ These headsets have a USB connection that includes an inbuilt sound card to ensure a high quality signal and have been tested and approved by the developers. This headset is available through leading technology stores in-person or online.
  • ✔ Wired headphones are always recommended and essential.