Is your child struggling at school?

  • ✔ Has difficulties processing information
  • ✔ Has difficulties remembering what they learned at school
  • ✔ Has problems with keeping attention in class
  • ✔ Has difficulties expressing their ideas in written form
  • ✔ Has difficulties with reading comprehension
  • ✔ Has difficulties with language and literacy skills
  • ✔ Has difficulties progressing academically

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, personalized, and adaptive reading and language program designed by neuroscientists that produces 1-2 years gains for any struggling learner in as little as 40-60 hours of use.

The aim of Fast ForWord program is to make better readers and lifelong learners.

The Unique Approach of Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord Strengthens Cognitive Skills

Fast ForWord's targeted reading intervention methodically prepares students for core literacy advancement by focusing on essential cognitive skills: memory, attention, processing, and sequencing (MAPS). By honing these cognitive abilities, students' readiness for learning is optimized, setting a solid foundation for academic growth.

  • Memory

    Strong long-term and working memory help us understand and retain information, build sound/letter correspondence, and support fluency and comprehension.

    Fast ForWord exercises build phonological working memory by asking students to remember sounds long enough to identify and match them.

  • Attention

    The ability to focus on specific information, sustain that focus, and ignore distractions while carrying out a task is essential to building strong literacy.

    Fast ForWord builds attention by requiring student to attend to directions, phonemes, words, or sentences in every exercise.

  • Processing

    Processing skills allow us to integrate and make sense of auditory and/or visual information. Phonemic awareness (connecting letters to sounds) is critical for reading, but some children struggle to perceive and process sounds.

    Some Fast ForWord exercises use acoustically modified speech to help students distinguish between similar sounds, such as those made by “P,” “B,” and “D,” so they can retrain their brains to process these sounds effectively.

  • Sequencing

    Sequencing is the ability to track the order of things, such as the sounds in a word, the words in a sentence, the sentences in a paragraph, or the events in a story.

    All Fast ForWord exercises incorporate sequencing practice. From understanding the order of directions to building with sound parts in a sequence that creates words, learners practice accurately completing tasks in a desired order.

Evidence-Based and Reviewed Program

Fast ForWord stands out as the most extensively researched and reviewed reading and language intervention program available. With over 55 patents in neuroscience and education, coupled with a comprehensive body of over 300 research studies confirming its efficacy, Fast ForWord remains unparalleled in its evidence-based approach to improving literacy and language skills.

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Quick and Lasting Student Progress

Fast ForWord offers targeted practice and personalized support, accelerating students' ability to access core content and instruction at their grade level. With consistent use, Fast ForWord can enable students to achieve 1-2 years of reading growth in as little as 40-60 hours.

Who is it for?

Fast ForWord Cognitive is designed to accommodate students aged 5 years and older, extending its benefits to adult learners as well. This program is suitable for various groups, including academically challenged students, English language learners, learners with specific learning difficulties, those in special education, and individuals considered at risk.

Speak to us if you are unsure of your child's suitability:

What is included?

  • ✔ Monthly access to Fast ForWord Cognitive training  on Foundations or Elements (recommended training time is 3 months)
  • ✔ 30 - 50 minute training session per day / 5 days a week (depending on your chosen package)
  • ✔ Suitable for 5+ year old and above including adults
  • ✔ Daily student progress scores and weekly training summary report
  • ✔ Progress Monitoring by Specialist
  • ✔ Fortnightly or Monthly coaching call with an Education Learning Specialist (depending on your chosen package)
  • ✔ Unlimited Email support
  • ✔ 15% Discount on renewals
  • ✔ 10% Discount on multiple family member enrolments

What technology is required?

  • ✔ Fast ForWord programs can be used on most Windows and Mac computers through your internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome browser), as well as on iPad with iOS 11.3 or later.
  • ✔ Headphones are recommended to help you concentrate (we recommend stereo headphones that cover the whole ear, such as these ones from Altronics).
  • ✔ Parents supervising their children should use a headphone with y-adaptor so two headphones can be connected at the same time for coaching and monitoring purposes.
  • ✔ Wired headphones are always recommended and essential.

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  • Over 3,000,000 students have used Fast ForWord

  • More than 15,000 schools have used Fast ForWord

  • Fast ForWord has served more than 250,000 educators